SMS Text messenger

Take advantage of mobile communication!


SMS postar vodilna

Prednosti spletnega SMS

  • messages up to 640 characters for the price of one
  • messaging multiple recipients at the same time
  • messaging distinct groups of recipients
  • simple contacts import
  • integration with your IT system
  • preferred sender name

Possible applications

The possibilities are endless and the use of our SMS Text messenger is only limited by your imagination! Take advantage of the ease and efficiency of mobile communication!

  • information about dispatched shipments;
  • information on downtime of services;
  • confirmation of service appointments and notification of completion of service;
  • newsletters and Marketing campaigns;
  • notification on events;
  • notification from surveillance systems;
  • etc.

Advanced and integration options:

You can also develop your own application which can  communicate with our SMS system via HTTPS protocol and use XML to exchange packets to perform mass SMS notification. (Technical documentation for developers)

  • Extended SMS messages: Sending SMS messages up to 640 characters! The system has the ability to send the extended SMS messages (up to 640 characters) for the price of one (1) SMS message.
  • Preferred name of the sender: you can set a preferred name of the sender. This will ensure that your messages highlight even more your company/organization as the sender and present yourself to the recipient in a more friendly manner. The sender's name can be your company name, the name of your application, etc.. just choose your name, we will take care of everything else.
  • Sending messages in vCard format, which allows the user to send an SMS with contact information of a person/organization. Information will be automatically saved in the phonebook of the user. For example: sending data of an organization from website business card to your CRM application, etc..
  • Importing lists of recipients: Do you have data collected in a separate document? You can import all your contact in the application with just a few clicks. (Import instructions)