Web interactive maps of routes and trails

Make tourists and travelers know your trail

  • sports and recreational trails (hiking trails, bike paths, etc.),
  • cultural and ethnological trails (heritage routes, etc.),
  • trails of history and cultural heritage
  • wine routes, gastronomic routes, fruit routes, etc. ,
  • local themed trails
  • etc.

The preparation of various online interactive maps includes:

1. Trail map:

we use the free version of Google Maps map to see the route, with the option of switching between different views (terrain, map, satellites) in combination with displaying 3D flyover using Google Earth. The route trails are color-coded depending on the content (cycling route, connecting trails, cognitive trails, mountain trails ...)

2. Map data that can be displayed, as long as you have the data available:

  • clicking on a point in the list we can display: points of interest with photos and descriptions, dangerous places on the trail with a description, attractions (historical or cultural monuments, flora, fauna ...);
  • route profile: height difference;
  • trail surface: asphalt, gravel, pot;
  • trail length;
  • estimated time of trail;
  • difficulty of trails: 5 difficulty levels (includes legend with a description of each difficulty level);
  • photos, pictures, etc.

3. Advanced search:

The application can include an advanced search engine. The visitor can prepair his own "catalogue" with planned routes and visits. Using the search engine he can determine the matrix of desired characteristics for the trip, the search engine gives him results that correspond to his requirements.

4. Visitors can participate in creating web contents:

  • possibility of evaluating, liking, etc.
  • possibility of adding photos
  • comment on trail,offer, etc.

Comments and contents entered by the visitors can be moderated by the website administrators (posted on the site only reviewed and approved).

5. Recommended materials:

  • GPS coordinates of trail,
  • photos with GPS meta data,
  • data scheme to be displayed in advanced search,
  • descriptions and other data,
  • video contents.

Our interactive maps references :