Aerial photography and aerial video

High-quality photos and videos are essential for presenting your offer, references, etc.. Field overflights are performed with our ultralight plane or radio-controlled multicopter in suitable weather conditions.

Our services:

  • aerial video
  • aerial photography
  • studio photography
  • studio video
  • other photo and video services (TV commercials, corporate presentations, product movies, travel films, video animation, 3D animation, promotional films, educational films, aerial filming events, interviews, documentaries ...)



  • flying at lower altitudes
  • floating mode in the air, mechanical image stabilizer, quiet drive
  • quick preparation for a takeoff
  • suitable for places difficult to reach
  • lower-cost service compared with plane areal photography

arctur-letaloUltra light aircraft:

  • fly at higher altitudes
  • we fly our own aircraft
  • we don't impact the environment
















Aerial photography and aerial video - offer and price list
Plane aerial photo 1 day shooting raw photos from 600 €
Multicopter aerial photo 1 day shooting raw photos 500 €
Photographing on the field 1 day shooting raw photos 400 €
Studio photography 1 day shooting raw photos 300 €
Photo editing   editing selected photos 20 € / photo


recording presentation films, recording panoramic films  

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