Website maintenance and upgrades

Website maintenance

Maintenance of the website includes services we provide continuously to ensure an uninterrupted availability of your website and its continuous operation. These are:

Web server services:

  • hosting on a web server
  • providing routing services (primary and secondary DNS, domain)
  • providing access via internet, providing sufficient bandwidth for seamless access to content
  • statistics of website access

Technical maintenance of the system:

  • ensuring proper operation of the CMS (ADS4) and its functional modules
  • regular CMS (ADS4) debugging, integration of smaller updates

User support:

  • User support can be performed based on a pre-agreed services
  • User support can be performed on the basis of pre-ordered services

Additional services for our customers

  • preparation of content, content maintenance of the website presentation
  • proofreading, translation
  • preparation and processing pictures and other multimesia material
  • wider promotional campaigns
  • etc.

Further interventions in the system

Further interventions in the system are defined depending on the extent of intervention.

Changes are any alternation of the program code, navigation, content concept and other changes which do not significantly interfere with the concept of the website. The changes are implemented on demand of the customer.

Corrections are changes as a result of our mistakes in the execution. Corrections can be made on the basis of our assessment or on the basis of warnings of user. Corrections are payment-free, throughout the duration of the contractual relationship no matter when it was detected.

Upgrades are interventions, which represent bigger essential functional upgrades and development of new functionalities, navigation changes, graphic and design remake, adding language versions, new functional modules etc. Such services are provided explicitly and only on the basis of written specifications prepaired by the contracting authority. Based on these specifications we prepare an evaluation and determine the execution deadlines. The execution begins on the basis of written confirmation signed by the client.