Web applications

The purpose of a web application:

  • visualisation of complex data and filtering view by choosing a specific field (timetables, catalogues, e-magazines, travel itineraries, reservation modules, e-commerce modules, etc.)
  • creating bonds with customers and clients,
  • to simplify two-way communication,
  • to collect and further interpretation of data (information about your customers can also improve your offer),
  • easy management of your web application from anywhere where you have Internet access.

Such projects often include a lot of development and require high qualification of the experts and their knowledge of the latest technology approaches.

Connectivity options:

  1. An independent web application accessible via a username and password, IP address, or other sophisticated security firewalls
  2. Web application as part of for your website: visualization of selected data on the internet, the possibility of further processing of data and specific visualisation and export of data in the CMS (ADS4) 
  3. Web application management via extranet and as part of the website: visualization of selected data online, data entry and selective visualization of additional information via the extranet, the possibility of further processing of data and specific visualisation and export of data in the CMS (ADS4)


Some applications that have been developed and produced by this methodology:

  • slovenian court webiste: www.sodisce.si
  • Case law search engine: www.sodnapraksa.si
  • Application programming interface (API) to extract data from the database of case law
  • Application for supporting the administrative procedure (Ministry of Health)
  • Application 4PM for project management
  • Application Turistična taksa for reporting the number of overnight stays and the calculation of tourist tax
  • interactive map of cycling and hiking trails
  • Application Travel form (CPG Nova Gorica);
  • Application E-booking in the doctor's office
  • Application Satisfaction survey to measure guest satisfaction a tourist destination
  • Application Build your trip for the preparation of catalogs of selected contents
  • Application Tourist offer for agencies and tourism service providers