ADS - Arctur CMS

ADS4 - 4th Generation of satisfied editors

ADS (Arctur Data System) is a content management system (CMS) that we developed in order to facilitate the realisation and maintenance of web sites we project and make for our customers. ADS is based on the principle of web content and web design separation, thus allowing web site editors to focus on the contents without having to care for the page layout.

ADS editorial inteface is built for easy and intiutive use. No special know-how is required to work with the CMS interface, and no additional software is required: all the interfaces are accessible via web browser.

ADS is based on PHP scripting technology, and MySQL relational database. ADS can also be integrated to systems based on other technologies.

ADS enables different aproaches to contents display, and includes a number of modules for functionalities and interactive features: news module, e-mail list module, events calendar, on-line product catalogue etc.